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Contact Medha Mind for 7 day foundation programme for Special Needs at the cost of Rs.99,500/-ONLY     |    "Cutting Edge Intensive Programme for Parkinson Patients for the first time in India with proven results in 60 days" for more details contact info@medhamind.com

Welcome to Medhamind

At Medha Mind Enhancement Company, we specialize in providing customized scientific solutions to a wide range of individuals with different conditions in such a way that we combine the wisdom known from ancient times with the latest in scientific research on the human brain. The objective at all times is to facilitate the normalizing and then optimizing of brain function.

The defining features of Medha Mind Enhancement

There are 3 main features that distinguish Medha from any other company in this field in India:

1. The customer is always the focus.Not the technology, not the money – it is you, the customer, who is the sole focus of all our efforts. We want you to obtain relief from the condition or problem with which you came to us, and we will work with you until we achieve this.

2. You’re in the hands of an expert.Every single individual will have their data analyzed by an internationally acknowledged expert in the field, N.S. Srinivasan. With more than 15 years of experience behind him, he is on several international faculties, and is known as an authority on the functioning of the brain and mind.

3. The training can be done at any place at any time.

With an average of Rs. 13.75 to 15.75 lakhs worth of equipment being used for each client, Medha has pioneered the concept of ‘co-investment’ in the training process. Since it is hard to attend sessions in a busy city, with all the demands of a hectic lifestyle, Medha offers to leave the equipment for the duration of the training. You will pay a deposit with a lock-in period of 2 years. At the end of the training period the equipment must be returned. This ensures that all the sessions can be conducted within the comfort of your own home, and the ‘watering-down’ effect of travelling long distances immediately after each session is avoided.

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