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Brain Function Assessment

We specialize in providing customized scientific solutions to a wide range of individuals with the latest in scientific research on the human brain.

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Brain Function Training (BFT)

Brain Function Training is the process of ‘training and retraining’ the brain to adapt and be flexible to internal and external challenges.

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10 Day Intensive at Medha

With more than 15 years of experience in Brain Function Training, Remarkable 10 Day Intensive can Improve Your Child's Functioning

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We Support Medical Professionals

Medha Mind Enhancement enables the HBI Database is a revolutionary tool to Medical Professionals and Associates to assess dysfunctions of brain systems.

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10 Day Intensive for Special Children

Special Children

We developed a 10-day Intensive program to Autistic children that helps move the brain to next paradigm of functioning.

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10 Day Intensive for Students


Medha’s research with Indian students over the years has shown that although many of them may be very accomplished at academics.

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10 Day Intensive for Sports Persons

Sports Persons

We helps sport professionals to bring forth consistent world-class performances, and extend their careers in the tough competitive world of sport.

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10 Day Intensive for Executives


Medha Mind Enhancement helps Executives to improve performance, and minimize stress-related performance inhibition.

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