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  • Does your child suffer with sleep problems and/or performance anxiety?
  • Is your child’s performance at school suffering due to this?
  • Did your child have a minor brain injury after birth?
  • Is your adolescent plagued by migraine headaches, panic attacks, an irritable bowel, or allergies and asthma?
  • Are you worried that your teenager is experimenting with drugs or alcohol? Is he irritable, anxious, or withdrawn?

The Academic scenario is not as simple as it used to be in the past. In earlier times, the academic structure concentrated more on self-development and the formation of a strong character through studies and miscellaneous activities. But with changing times, the outlook towards studies has taken a whole new turn where every student is pressurized to obtain high academic achievement by the school and the family. The case is same in case of all students – be it a Class 1 student or a Class 10 student – they are always pushed to excel in all subjects and give their best performance in games and other recreational activities as well.

This constant pressure to become an all-rounder often takes severe negative toll on the psychological and emotional health of the student. Unceasing stress promotes the problems of chronic anxiety and sleeping disorders. Students often complain of migraine headaches, breathing problems, panic attacks and allergies. Worst of all, they can even indulge in drugs and alcohol in order to find a temporary escape for this constant pressure. Parents need to be careful if children tend to withdraw from society, become excessively irritable without any reason or become uncharacteristically emotional.

In such situations, parents are often at a loss to understand the feelings and emotions of the adolescent child and find the right person or institution that can help them and their children. Medha can act as a friend and guide and help in bringing back the child to the right path of life and enhance his/her self-awareness for better academic performance.

Why Choose Medha:

It is important to apprehend that autism is not a disease that is caused by one particular factor; it is a combination of disorders that is caused by genetic and environmental risk factors.

  • We have one of the most experienced and internationally-acknowledged expert in the field of Neurological Conditions Mr. N. S. Srinivasan as the founder of the organization that deals with providing customized scientific solution to specific brain conditions and enhancing the capacity of the brain in the fields of memory, concentration and capability to cope with stress.
  • You are not just a customer for Medha. We understand that the brain of each and every individual functions differently and therefore the brain analysis test of each and every student is evaluated and analyzed by Mr. N.S.Srinivasan.
  • The student undergoes Brain Function Assessment and Brain Function Training developed under the mentorship of Dr. Barry Sterman – painless and non-invasive brain techniques that stimulate the brain to face and adapt with external challenges.
  • Following the Brain Function Training sessions, the brains of the students become more capable of facing academic challenges and self-aware about planning, execution, discipline and self-improvement.

What can Medha do?

The brain needs to be constantly challenged to grow. Medha has evolved a technique called Brain Function Training which is non-invasive and painless. It is a completely safe way to enable the brain to regulate itself, and uses internationally accepted technologies.
Read more about Brain Function Training.

What are we aiming for?

The aim is to improve self-regulation, minimize stress-related performance inhibition, and gradually move towards optimal performance. In a handful of high performers, we mentor them towards peak performance. Each situation needs a slightly different mental state for comprehension, analysis and application. Experiencing these appropriate states and reinforcing them leads to success, calmness and adaptability under the most trying of circumstances. Simple and effective BFT sessions aim to increase productivity and bring about sustainable relief from these problems.

When can I expect to see changes?

Brain Function Training is a learning process and results occur over time. Many symptoms are significantly and sustainably reduced in 3 months’ time. As the brain re-regulates to healthy patterns of brainwave activity, the frequency of sessions can be reduced.