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  • Are you a competitive athlete?
  • Are you plagued by injuries and inexplicable loss of form?
  • Do you lack the mental stamina to finish a game?
  • Have you lost the drive and will to succeed? Has success eluded you once too often?

All the above mentioned scenarios summarize the challenges faced by competitive athletes and sportsmen. Sportspersons and athletes are perhaps the best persons who can teach us a thing or two about stress and performance under pressure. The constant psychological demands of giving top-level performance along with challenging training sessions often lead to exhaustion and stress which in turn results in to depression.

A sportsperson must have optimum physical as well as mental fitness in order to succeed and perform with consistency. But constant injuries, fatigue, pressure of expectation from spectators and the fear of under-performing and defeat affects mental stamina and the drive to succeed. Mental toughness and strength of character is vital to concentrate under stressful situations. Depression and stress-related illness is very common among athletes and sportsperson and this is manifested in under-performance, quitting of a game or losing the drive to win.

Enhancing brain functions might be the solution to all these problems and with the wide timeline of experience in the field of neurological conditions, Medha is the most reliable and dependable option for ensuring the optimum performance of the brain which directly impacts self-regulation, mental strength and athletic performance in the competitive world of sport.

Mr. N. S. Srinivasan with more than 15 years of experience in the science and art of Biofeedback and having been mentored by the vanguard of this experience-based science, he expects to bring this learning into the Indian Chapter of Mindroom to adapt Dr. Beauchamp’s proven methods for “Peak Performance under Pressure” to Indian needs and necessities

Why Choose Medha?

  • Successive injuries, under-performance and lack of will-power – all of these can be directly connected with under-performing brain functions which can be effectively stimulated by the process of Brain Function Training.
  • Your brain functions are accessed and analyzed by internationally-acknowledged expert Mr. N. S. Srinivasan in the field of “Training Brains to Perform/Excel under Pressure”.
  • We understand that the brain of each individual functions differently and therefore, we administer custom made specialized treatment sessions to stimulate brain functions
  • Brain Function Assessment and Brain Function Training are advanced non-invasive techniques that stimulate the brain cells to enhance the self-regulatory capability, concentration and attention.
  • Following the sessions of Brain Function Training, the brain becomes more self-aware and begins to administer better control over productive behaviors and refrain from non-productive ones.

How can Medha help?

Constant injuries and fatigue, both physical and mental, are probably connected to the brain under-performing with respect to the demands placed on it by the competitive atmosphere all around. Depression and defeat are also signs of an under-performing brain with respect to external challenges.

Medha has evolved a technique called Brain Function Training which is non-invasive and painless, to address these issues. It is a completely safe way to enable the brain to regulate itself, and uses internationally accepted technologies.
Read more about Brain Function Training.

What changes are we looking for?

Brain Function Training produces a more self-regulated and optimally performing brain. The aim is to improve self-regulation, minimize stress-related performance inhibition, and gradually move towards optimal performance. In a handful of high performers, we mentor them towards peak performance. Contrary to popular belief, an aging brain is a more efficient brain – every sportsperson knows that the years of practice and experience matter. BFT helps sport professionals to bring forth consistent world-class performances, and extend their careers in the tough competitive world of sport, whatever the level.

When can I expect to see changes?

Brain Function Training is a learning process and results occur over time. Many symptoms are significantly and sustainably reduced by 20-40 sessions. As the brain re-regulates to healthy patterns of brainwave activity, the frequency of sessions can be reduced.

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