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  • Is your child hyperactive?
  • Does your child have difficulty making friends and playing in a group?
  • Does your child’s severely disruptive behaviour prevent him learning effectively?
  • Does your child have seizures?
  • Is your child not able to speak, does he have difficulty pronouncing different sounds, does he understand non-verbal sounds?
  • Does your child socialize?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with a developmental delay?
  • Does your child have cerebral palsy?
  • Or is the problem bed-wetting, teeth-grinding or even terrible nightmares?

Does going through all these questions remind you of your own child or a child close to you? Then you probably know the emotional agony of living with a child with special needs. Living in a world with cut-throat competition where everyone is always struggling to move past his/her competitor, it is extremely difficult and stressful for both the child and its care-givers. Imagine the scenario of a child who is different from the rest, who needs special care and attention. S/he is bound to be left behind by the rest because s/he thinks differently and sees things in a different way. In most cases, such children face difficult fitting into formal educational institutions and are ignored by ‘friends’ and ‘relatives’ for different reasons.

Imagine the level of stress and emotional distress for parents of these children go through day in and day out, just because the world and society is not liberal enough to accept them the way they are. Parents try all possible medicines, therapies and treatments and leave no stones unturned in an effort to provide a better life to their children. Yet in most cases the promises made by the therapies fail to show positive results in reality.

But Medha is determined to light a candle of hope in the lives of these specially gifted children and their parents. Here are a few reasons why Medha might just be the silver-lining.

Why Choose Medha:

Medha Mind Enhancement Co. (P) Ltd. founded by Mr. N. S. Srinivasan, a pioneer in the field of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback in Asia. Medha is a Super Specialty Organization that focuses on providing customized scientific solution to a wide range of brain conditions and optimizes brain functions for better performance.

At Medha, your child is in the hands of the experts. We know that the brain functions of each child are different and therefore the data obtained from the Brain Function Assessments (BFA) of each child is scrutinized and evaluated by the widely experienced and internationally-acknowledged expert of this field Mr. N. S. Srinivasan.

For Medha, you are not just customers and your children are not merely cases. We understand the value and importance of a child to its parents and therefore, our main priority at all times remains to treat your child with utmost compassion and care, understand your emotions and do our level best to offer relief and happiness to your child.

In case, you want your child to be trained in the security and comfort of your home, the training equipment can come to your home as well. With the new concept of ‘co-investment’ you can bring the equipment to your home for the duration of the treatment. Read more about this here.

How can Medha help?

The brain needs to be constantly challenged to grow. Medha has evolved a technique called Brain Function Training which is non-invasive and painless. It is a completely safe way to enable the brain to regulate itself, and uses internationally accepted technologies. We do a 10-day Intensive Program at Medha Mind that has proved to be very helpful

When can I expect to see changes?

Brain Function Training is a learning process and results occur over time. Many symptoms are significantly and sustainably reduced overtime as the brain gain/regains to self-regulate . As the brain self-regulates to healthy patterns, we can see behavioural changes. The amount of time taken depends on the starting level of brain functioning, and level of dysregulation. Consistency of training, appropriate diet, exercise and medications (when needed) taken as per physician’s advise.

What changes are we looking for?

As the Brain Function Training progresses, the child gradually calms down and emotionality decreases. As the ability to self-regulate improves, a) learning gets enhanced, b) social behaviour becomes better, c) age-appropriate academic skills are acquired, and finally d) communication and relationships are sustained and managed better. Parental support is necessary at every stage to sustain the improvements seen.

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