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  • Do you find yourself feeling stressed and tense all the time?
  • Are you more anxious and irritable? Do you have difficulty sleeping at night?
  • Is your concentration poor, and is your performance suffering?
  • Do you repeatedly fall prey to physical illnesses?
  • Do you suffer from a condition like migraines, asthma, allergies, irritable bowel, or panic attacks?

If you have answered most of the above mentioned questions in the affirmative then you are suffering from work-related stress. Stressful situations at work are a common problem of workers at all levels of the industry and it is more so in case of Executives who are responsible for making or breaking the faith of a project. They are answerable for the failure of the team and are the chief representatives in case of meetings where they are faced with numerous questions by the board. Occupational stress can arise from various factors such as the individual’s role in the organization, his concern of career development or demanding organizational structure. All of these factors cause emotional distress and in worst cases can lead to psycho-physiological dysfunctions.

Inability to concentrate and perform in professional life can affect an individual’s emotional and physical health by making the person more irritable, anxious and cause sleeping disorders, frequent migraines, panic attacks, asthma and allergies. Along with this, repeated physical illness make things worse by affecting the output and productivity of the Executives. All these factors combine and work together to develop the chronic feelings of disappointment and defeat that affects the level of confidence and will power and results in under-performance and failure.

Medha can be the solution you are looking for that can get you out of the vicious cycle of work-related stress, anxiety and depression with its innovative Brain Function Training program that is targeted at enhancing brain functions and increasing concentration, memory and performance in professional life.

Why Choose Medha?

  • Most of us don’t realize that under-performance, stress and lack of concentration – all these issues might be caused by an under-performing brain and they can be solved through effective brain analysis and by the process of Brain Function Training.
  • The brain analysis is done and accessed under the supervision of Mr. N. S. Srinivasan – the founder of Medha who is also an experienced and internationally-acknowledged expert in the field of Brain Function Training.
  • We understand that the neurological requirement of each individual is separate and therefore, we administer customized treatment sessions to stimulate brain functions.
  • Brain Function Assessment and Brain Function Training are advanced non-invasive techniques that promote the brain to improve the areas of concentration and focus, engage the brain in productive behaviors and divert it from non-productive ones.

What can Medha do?

The brain needs to be constantly challenged to grow. Medha has evolved a technique called Brain Function Training which is non-invasive and painless. It is a completely safe way to enable the brain to regulate itself, and uses internationally accepted technologies.
Read more about Brain Function Training.

What are we aiming for?

The aim is to improve performance, and minimize stress-related performance inhibition. Each situation needs a slightly different mental state for comprehension, analysis and application. Experiencing these appropriate states and reinforcing them leads to resilience, flexibility, robustness, and mental toughness in the face of trying circumstances. As you acquire the skill of self-regulation, optimal performance stops being a distant mirage, but instead nurtures the brain towards Peak Performance. Simple and effective BFT sessions aim to increase productivity and bring about relief from these problems.

Contrary to popular belief, an aging brain is a more efficient brain; BFT helps executives remaining relevant and connected to the demands of the existing and emerging marketplace.

When can I expect to see changes?

Brain Function Training is a learning process and results occur over time. Many symptoms are significantly and sustainably reduced by 20-40 sessions. As the brain re-regulates to healthy patterns of brainwave activity, the frequency of sessions can be reduced.

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