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How Much Do You Know About Epilepsy?


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When a person has an epileptic seizure they are being possessed by spirits.
Is epilepsy a neurological disorder?
Is epilepsy contagious?
1 seizure is enough to determine that a person has epilepsy.
During an epileptic seizure, people rapidly convulse and foam at the mouth.
Are people limited in their performance abilities because of their epilepsy?
Can people die of epilepsy?
Can epilepsy be cured?
It is best to restrain a person by holding them down while they have a seizure.
Does placing a metal object (e.g. a key) in the person’s hand mitigate the seizure?
Does epilepsy affect only senescent people?
Does medication for epilepsy treat the root cause of the problem or the symptoms of it?
Can an EEG map the brain and locate the problematic areas in the cortex?
Have you heard of neurofeedback or Brain-Function Training?
Where on the epileptic spectrum does a person need to be to be eligible for Brain-Function Training?
Can Brain-Function Training drastically reduce the number of seizure attacks?
Is Brain-Function Training invasive like surgery?
Is Brain-Function Training hogwash?
Do people normally regress a few months after their Brain-Function Training sessions are completed?
Is Brain-Function Training available in India?

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