• India's First Centre for Performance Enhancement & Special Needs through BFT


Contact Medha Mind for 7 day foundation programme for Special Needs at the cost of Rs.99,500/-ONLY     |    "Cutting Edge Intensive Programme for Parkinson Patients for the first time in India with proven results in 60 days" for more details contact info@medhamind.com

We Offer 3 Levels of Courses

  1. Beginners
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Who Can Attend

Brain Function Training (BFT) course is offered only to people with the following educational and professional background.

  1. Masters in Psychology
  2. Bachelors or Masters in Nursing
  3. Bachelors or Masters in Pharmaceutical sciences.
  4. Bachelors or Masters in occupational Therapy
  5. Bachelors or Masters in Physiotherapy
  6. Special educators.

Medha Mind Training Room 1

Primary Training Room

Medha Mind Training Room 2