What is Performance Enhancement?

Performance enhancement deals with Enhancing Personal Development, Optimal Performance, Peak Performance, Creative problem solving, Enhancing Predictability, Leadership Development and Organizational Performance.

Focus and emotional stability are the key to Performance Enhancement in all areas of activity. BFT (Brain Function Training) trains your brain to function more efficiently, improving mental functioning and emotional stability.

Much like physical training, we use BFT (Brain Function Training) to strengthen specific areas of brain to make to improve their functioning thereby helping the individual and organization to become normal competent. This leads to more awareness of perceptions,feelings, ideas and actions of the individual, organization and its customers. Every change taking place from this enhanced awareness leads to value-additions to internal and external customer needs while adding significantly to the bottom-line.

How We Train?

The brain produces electrical potential. Though the voltage is often 1/millionth of a volt, this can be recorded, measured and compared using sophisticated equipment.

This is called Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) and is the measurement of electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp that reflect cortical activity, commonly referred to as “brainwaves” and is also termed as “Brain Mapping”. This multi-channel digital data is statistically analyzed, comparing values with “normative” database. The processed EEG is converted into color topometric maps as well as various tables. This data is used for doing Brain Function Assessment (BFA), which, in turn, is used in Brain Function Training (BFT).

Other than QEEG we also have a quantitative test for the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) and a Bio-Chemical Assessment (a complete test of 11 test) to understand how all the 10 systems are working individually and collectively forms the basis of BFA (Brain Function Assessment)

Based on the BFA (Brain Function Assessment), brain function training plans are custom-designed as per individual needs and requirements. BFT addresses particular issues that need to be paid attention to, Medha uses a non-invasive brain technique that normalizes brain function. “Normalizing” brain function enables the self-regulatory capability of the brain to adapt to different situations and circumstances by what, in general, is taken as an acceptable behavior in society.

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