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Brain Function Training (BFT)

Contact Medha Mind for 7 day foundation programme for Special Needs at the cost of Rs.99,500/-ONLY

People have behavioural, emotional, relationship, and academic issues. We help them resolve these issues by using a non-invasive brain technique that normalizes brain function.

‘Normalizing’ brain function refers to the self-regulatory capability of the brain to adapt to different situations and circumstances. It is measurable. Read more about this in this blog post.

What is Brain Function Training?

Brain Function Training is the process of ‘training and retraining’ the brain to adapt and be flexible to internal and external challenges.

  • By using a non-invasive technique to provide feedback to the brain in 1/100th of a second, the brain begins to learn differently.
  • The functioning of different areas of the brain can be mapped in real time and in different mental states.
  • This brings about a self-awareness of productive and non-productive mental states that drive different behaviours.
  • When the brain becomes more self-aware, it begins to self-regulate to better control behaviours that are productive and refrain from those that are nonproductive.
  • This state of self-regulation includes the ability to pause, perceive, and process information efficiently and effectively.

Based on more than 12 years of clinical experience under the eagle-eyed mentorship of Dr. Barry Sterman and his dedicated colleagues, Medha has custom-designed individual programs for people with Special Needs, Students, Sports Persons and Corporate Personnel to initially Normalize, then learn to Optimize, Brain Function. When they can do this, striving for Peak Performance becomes the goal to aspire for.

The training can be done at any place at any time.

With an average of Rs. 3.5 to 5.75 lakhs worth of equipment being used for each client, Medha has pioneered the concept of ‘co-investment’ in the training process. Since it is hard to attend sessions in a busy city, with all the demands of a hectic lifestyle, Medha offers to leave the equipment for the duration of the training. You will pay a deposit with a lock-in period of 2 years. At the end of the training period the equipment must be returned. This ensures that all the sessions can be conducted within the comfort of your own home, and the ‘watering-down’ effect of travelling long distances immediately after each session is avoided.

The Training Process:

BFT uses external sensors on the skin to gather data and provide feedback in 1/100th of a second for the brain to bring about self-regulation in the brain. As you will see in our videos, the brain is mapped in real time and changes are observed in different parts of the brain during the actual training process.

Our video gallery demonstrates the various stages of assessment, with a few testimonials from parents thrown in.