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Does your child need the 10-day Intensives

  • Does your child have difficulty making friends and playing in a group?
  • Does your child have seizures?
  • Is your child not able to speak, does he have difficulty pronouncing different sounds, does he understand non-verbal sounds?
  • Does your child socialize?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with a developmental delay?

What is an Intensive Program with respect to “Enhancing Brain Function”?

With more than 12 years of experience in Brain Function Training (BFT), Medha Mind has developed a 10-day Intensive program that helps move the brain to next paradigm of functioning for Special Kids with special reference to Autistic children. These children with special needs, currently take a very long time to show significant & sustainable changes in respect of Speech, Social Behaviour, Sleep, Hyperactivity and Gut issues, etc.

Given Medha’s high level of competence and experience in Brain Function Assessment and Training, its faculty has established cutting-edge standards and tools to work with Special children especially those suffering from Autistm. Medha’s consistent track record of delivering positive results on complex brain issues, for more than a decade, speaks for itself.

Your child is being trained by a World Renowned Expert on Brain Function Training (BFT)

The Chief Mentor N. S. Srinivasan of Medha Mind Enhancement Co. (P) Ltd., is World-renowned & a Global Authority on the subject of training the brain through non-invasive means. He has recently written the last chapter of the most well-known book in the subject “The Neurofeedback Book” in its latest edition that is about to be printed.. The book in its current edition has already been translated into 17 different languages. Medha uses the latest and the most cutting edge technology available anywhere in the world for training the brain during the 10-day Intensive. The brain is constantly measured Quantitatively and only those areas that are found deviant are worked upon.

What is Brain Function Training?

BFT (Brain Function Training) is based on advances in Applied Neuroscience and Computer technology. Medha uses the most sophisticated and cutting-edge bio-medical equipment (FDA approved) for Brain Function Assessment & Training.

We have assessments -

  • Pre-Intensive training
  • After every 5 Intensive sessions
  • Post-Intensive training

so that we can continue BFT wherever the child is connected with our online services. Each assessment requires a 19 channels (full cap) assessment. Every child’s training is completely “Customized” and this is repeated after every five sessions of training. There are no arbitrary choices in regard to location or frequencies trained, except when it is impossible to do a full-cap assessment due to the sensitivity issues with the child. The training then is to help us get a full-cap Brain Function Assessment at the earliest possible moment. From our experience this could take up to 10 sessions of training.

At the beginning of the 2 week intensive a QEEG is recorded and symptoms are matched with brain locations (Brodmann Areas) and aberrant z scores for absolute power, relative power, amplitude asymetry, coherence, and phase are taken into account. These are measured according to z score database matched for age, sex, handedness, eyes open/closed conditions. This is how the training is custom-designed. Only those metrics that are actually “off” are trained. Then, every 5 sessions of Intensive training, another Eyes Open QEEG is recorded and the training modified according to empirical data.

About our 10-day Intensive programs

  • Sessions run for 10 continuous days (one-day break after 5 days is optional)
  • Each BFT session is approximately 60 to 90 minutes long, one session in the morning and another in the afternoon.
  • Specific nutritional supplements are suggested by our International Faculty and their recommendations are meant as aftercare (for better chemical balance in the brain & body);
  • Yoga, Ayurveda & other specialists are available for consultation & can facilitate progress at nominal extra charges
  • FREE clean, healthy & austere accommodation is provided in Chennai. (Non-veg. & alcohol is not allowed). Other “Utilities”, Pick-up and drop, Car-services, Personalized yoga classes, Ayurvedic massages will be available only at extra charge. Food has to be purchased from outside.
  • Clients may stay in local hotels, 5-star Hotels or Service Apartments close by to Medha Mind (less than 500 metres away); Medha is located in the heart of Chennai (T. Nagar) which is well connected by rail and air to most cities in India as well as abroad. While the drive is approximately 45-60 minutes from the airport, the time of travel from the Central Train Station is just around 30 minutes.
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